Monday, March 5, 2007


This is a blog for, and about the art of serigraphy. I'll be showcasing work of various artists, and their work as it applies to this medium. It began as an industrial technology, and was adopted by American graphic artists in the 1930s; the Pop Art movement of the 1960s further popularized the technique. Many of Andy Warhol's most famous works, including his Campbell's Soup Cans, were created using the technique. It is currently popular both in fine arts and in commercial printing, where it is commonly used to put images on T-shirts, hats, ceramics, glass, polyethylene, polypropylene, paper, metals, and wood. We invite all who desire so, to add comments and information to make available to the general public, in order to expand on the techniques of this rich addition to the art world. Email further info:

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