Tuesday, March 6, 2007


(b. 1964, France)

I'm starting things off with someone who taught me a great
deal when it comes to silk-screening. Mats!? Stromberg. Yes,
those are "!?" officially. Mats!? and I met in San Francisco many years ago.
He is an extremely industrious artist. A master printer, and amazing
fearless cartoonist, steeped in the "underground" tradition.
Recently Mats!? returned from travelling extensively in South-East Asia(region), his second trip (photos) thus far, researching and exploring the area for a forthcoming 'coffee table' book. The pieces shown to the left are from his first trip.

Go to ASIADDICT to learn more about Mats!?'s first book!

The first brilliant print shown is entitled "Blue Lotus"
They are gorgeous 2 color works, utilizing transparent inks on a base. You don't need a full palette of color to get your point across. The second piece shown is entitled" Nightkhmers" depicts a political view, showing the current underlying suspicions running throughout the country. Mats!? has never feared from politics or controversy. He is legendary in many ways. Mats!? once sneaked an installation piece he had made into The Museum of Modern Art in SF. It stayed there for nearly a week before it was discovered! His comix and illustrations reflect the same fearless approach. Of course, no "website, or blog" can do justice to serigraphs and the subtleties that come from them.
•Learn more at his website: http://www.matsicko.com

A great project that Mats!? and myself worked on a few years ago, was this massive 8 color serigraph of a Charles Burns image entitled "Elvis in Hell". This was a departure from your normal serigraphs. Most, or at least, most in the past were produced using "oil" based inks. This edition of 300 were all produced in "water" base ink. The climate in San Francisco lent itself to this process better than my experiences here in Colorado. The more humidity, the better. I devised a special mix of the inks in order for this product to come out as it did. I really started serious serigraphy when I was exposed to the french print makers...they are notorious for the chemicals and inks they use. "Si vous ne faites pas pipi brun, il n'est pas en valeur lui!" The compliment I received from the french was, when they first approach a print, they immediately thrust it to their nose, to breath in all the glorious chemicals...the look on their faces was hysterical...they had such a look of puzzlement...they couldn't smell anything, but their eyes told them it was done in "oil". I'm quite proud that I fooled the experts. This great print is still available through * Ink & Design.


stephanie said...

I love this, I love the idea and think it could be very successfully in bringing viewers to you.

I have to say I have been a little bit afraid of the black helicopters when I read your other blog.

You should google and comment on other serigraph type blogs to begin to build a community. Also might get a flickr account and post your images with search tags.


stephanie said...

Oh..and..please link me to this site!


Mats!? said...

Thanks for the flatteries! I do have to correct one thing...I 've never been to 'Indonesia' (country).
I have however travelled extensively in South-East Asia(region).Maybe next time....

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