Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I had the pleasure of working with Michael many years ago, when I showed his art in my gallery in a group show in SF. The first time I saw his work was in the Madonna movie "Desperately seeking Susan"...his art adorned Madonna's 'drum kit bag' and her (on stage) boyfriends van. His work is a brilliant mix of silk screen and stencil, and of course using one of my favorite images from 'The day of the dead' tradition...The last image shown here, is from the show poster he printed for us. I still have the t-shirt, but if I have known that the poster is now selling for $1,000.00 I would have snagged more! Oh well!...

Born and raised in greater Los Angeles, Michael Roman moved to New York's lower east side in the mid-70's. Working as an aspiring artist / bike messenger, Michael frequently delivered packages and hung out at Andy Warhol's labs in Manhattan. There, he received a great deal of inspiration to what would become his life work of stencil / screen art, combining Warhol techniques with old-Mexico methods and ancient images, which has become known as "Latinissmo".
Michael's textile art, known for its all over coverage and hand made appearance brings life to stencils and images. Avoiding the sterilized look which is so common, the hand wrought artwork appears as unique and imperfect as life itself.

Michael's clients have included celebrities such as Carlos Santana, Madonna, and Keith Richards. His artwork has been chosen to adorn album covers, Hotel VIP rooms, movie sets, night clubs, and dozens of restaurants.

In the mid-90's, Michael was discovered by Carlos Santana, and he moved to San Francisco where he has been making personal artwork, clothing, and furniture for the superstar. Michael participates in several international events and has a permanent display at the Oaxaca Heritage Museum in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Michael currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco, where also teaches classes to aspiring artists and students in the Mission district. Look at this great site and see all that he has to offer! :website:

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Oh yes...I LOVE this!! Very cool post!

We'll be coming down for a day at some point in the next week and a half. I'll let you know when and we'll come by the shop.