Friday, March 9, 2007


Javier Mariscal b. 1950 Spain.

I first ran into Mariscal's work in art spiegelman's RAW MAGAZINE. The movement and comical themes were undeniable to me. I have been a huge fan ever since, and even more now. His design work is extraordinary, and his website designs are to die for. When I come across people like this, I just want to curl up and just plain "give up".

Mariscal is probably most known (in the real world) for designing "COBI" the Olympic mascot for Barcelona in 1992.

"Mariscal is thought of as a kind of blender, in which Calder and Vázquez, Miró and Micky Mouse, Matisse and Crumb are found in equal measures. The result is Mariscal, a professional in design, comics and painting, who does not consider himself a professional and who vindicates this mixture." -unknown
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Mariscal has brought his comix vision to life with his sculpture entitled "CRASH' Taking a 1959 Chevy Impala and making it into a breathtaking piece of work. He also translated it into a serigraph, which is just a fantastic! You have to visit and play around his website to really get the idea how great this guy is! :website:


Morandini said...

Congrats for your nice blog!
Mariscal is really great!

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Morandini, designer

stephanie said...

The site looks great. I love how you space the type to fit the exact width of the column. I'd like to figure out how to do that in typepad.