Thursday, June 7, 2007

Summer Silk Screen Classes

Ink and Design has been offering private silk screen classes this summer, and we are about to wrap up our first session. 4 hours, once a week for 6 weeks...Our student Michelle has done a splendid job! A DNA Lab Tech by day, and a self proclaimed "Non-artist" I have to say she has a good eye and I hope has enjoyed the experience! We have gone thru all aspects of the process, in order for her to go home and be able to do it all for herself. We started with an introduction to computer to film techniques, using KIMODESK film output, moving onto rubylith handcut and black inked, hand made separations. The first assignment was to bring in a blackline piece of art and work the separations from that. We went onto hand stretched screen stretching and photo emulsion application. This progressed onto wedge-step test to find the right exposure time, screen reclaiming and final "burning" of the images for a 3 color job. We then went onto carousel, registration set up and flatwork (paper) registration introduction. Last night we went to town and started textile work using plastisol inks on some dark shirts....the results were great! Michelle picked some great colors and we had tremendous results! Next week and the last session will be learning waterbase inks on archival paper using a flatwork registration far so good!!! If any one is interested in signing up through the summer, please contact Ink and Design at (719) 214-4202, Monday - Friday, 10am-5pm.
All classes take place in-shop, and is offered for the low cost of $575.00 (materials included)