Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a PANE in the GLASS

WOW! it has been forever since a new post...2 YEARS!!!...and no-one died...SHIT!
I TAKE THAT BACK...actually, we lost a great
comix writer...HARVEY PEKAR.

Harvey passed July 12, 2010. He really was a great talent. Honest and wonderfully blunt, and full of real life stories..If you haven't read AMERICAN SPLENDOR, you should NOW...if you haven't seen Paul Giamatti play Harvey in the film, AMERICAN SPLENDOR, do so NOW!
Harvey was kind enough to be a small part of my life when he added a blurb to the back cover
of my anthology comix book, HECK! comic art of the late 80's. We'll miss his absolute unique voice! My best to Joyce and Danielle.

...A new project has gotten under-way...and it has been "a PANE in the GLASS!"
I started cutting stained glass panels and silk screening onto the glass...the effect has been kinda cool...the great colors come through during the day, silhouetting the art AND at night, when the light fades and the glass goes quiet, the art screened onto the glass POPS. You get the best of both worlds! CHECK IT OUT! click here, look around, and place your order!
I like to eat.